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Posing is for posers…

I have officially re-launched my photography workshops  under my Lighting Asylum umbrella which are focusing more than ever on helping photographer develop and learn skills that matter in the real world. There is plenty of fluff out there and multiple opportunities to photograph “pretty” people, I want to teach techniques!


Last week was no exception as myself and whole Lighting Asylum team put on a “Posing” workshop. The class was attended by 17 photographers from all over Northern California and 7 models.


We met early on Saturday morning and took a two hour photo walk around Old Town Sacramento, this gave us a chance to get caught up with old friends and meet new ones.


After the photo walk it was off to class where  we mixed both instruction on stage with hands on assignments, I always say that it is one thing to see something done, it’s another to have to do it yourself.


We are looking forward to a more advanced posing class soon as well as we already have a September 13th Photoshop class scheduled for the Sacramento area!