How’s your composition?

What is the second most important thing a photographer must have in order to be a great photographer?

In his book Learning to See Creatively, Bryan Peterson, stated “There is no better time to crop a bad composition than just before you press the shutter release”.

Imagine for a minute that every time you pressed the shutter on your camera you ended up with the exact image you envisioned.


If there’s one element that can radically improve your photographs, one feature that can lift your picture from snapshot to art, it’s a sense of composition. Today’s cameras and image processing software provide impressive control over exposure and color balance, but your photos will never succeed if the contents don’t gel together.

Just as a composer has to arrange a piece of music, deciding which instruments will work together, which sounds flow and which clash, so it is that a photographer has to construct powerful images from the visual overload hitting them from all directions. To picture a scene through a photographer’s eyes is very different to just looking at it for what it is.


Are you ready to dive in? We are beginning a series of blog posts on composition to remind some of the rules, introduce others to them and encourage all to keep pressing the shutter button! After all, we are all addicted to the same thing… photography!

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